MCMI-IV Training

Millon Clinical Multi-axial Inventory-IV

Training now available on-demand online in partnership with Global Institute of Forensic Research (MHS Assessments), approved by MCMI-IV publisher Pearson.

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The in-person training workshop runs infrequently as an open event because many of our events are delivered to teams/'in house'. Please get in touch to express your interest in our next open MCMI-IV event, or to make enquiries regarding an event for your team, which can be delivered conveniently at your place of work.

As a guide, the MCMI-IV training workshop focuses on the administration, scoring procedures, and interpretation/reporting of the popular Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI-IV; Millon, Grossman & Millon, 2015) personality assessment. MCMI-IV is a holistic personality assessment, recently developed from MCMI-III, that is useful for supporting and aiding formulation of a client’s difficulties. The MCMI-IV can be used with clinical populations within many settings e.g. clinical, forensic, medical, educational (adult), or therapy/counselling. It can contribute to assessments of emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal difficulties, as well as risk assessments. See Dr Ruth Tully’s review of the updated MCMI-IV on the publisher website by clicking here.

MCMI-IV is less time consuming than other personality assessments. The sub-scales of the tools are split into personality and clinical syndrome scales with modifying/random response indicators included to help consideration of wider factors influencing responding. Given the wealth of clinical information gained through using the tool, participating in specialist training is the key to thorough, accurate, and defensible assessment.

Our trainers, including Dr Tully, are very experienced in using the MCMI-IV and are also experienced in training others in the use of the tool. Workshop participants have included those from prison, hospital, probation, community mental health/personality disorder, and Court based settings.

As a guide the training covers the following:

  • MCMI-IV background and development
  • Administration
  • Scoring
  • Interpretation considerations
  • Report writing/other considerations

The primary aim of the MCMI-IV workshop is to ensure that delegates feel confident when assessing clients using the MCMI-IV, and to develop awareness of how the MCMI-IV can be interpreted and reported. The open training events that we offer do not aim to cover broad theories of personality/personality disorder, however if you book a team event and this is required, please get in touch as this can be arranged.

Engaging in the MCMI-IV workshop can contribute to your continuing professional development (CPD).


Here is a selection of feedback comments made by recent delegates:

“Increased my understanding, confidence and quality of report writing, thank you!” Clinical Psychologist

“Demystified the tool for me … helped me think more about how I can advise Offender Managers.” Forensic Psychologist

“I gained confidence in scoring, and awareness regarding reporting” Trainee Psychologist

“I liked the chance to apply the learning to my own practice.” Forensic Psychologist

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