WASI-II Training

WASI-II Training Workshop

We run this event infrequently as we deliver many in-service training events to teams. Please get in touch to express your interest in our next open WASI-II event (date TBC), or to make enquiries regarding an event for your team, which can be delivered conveniently at your place of work.

About the training

The training focuses on the administration, scoring and basic reporting of the popular Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence-II (WASI-II; Wechsler, 2011). The WASI-II is a revision of the original WASI and provides a brief, reliable measure of cognitive ability. The WASI-II offers greater clinical utility and efficiency than the original WASI, and has strengthened connections with the WISC-IV and the WAIS-IV. The WASI-II can be used as a screen to determine if in-depth intellectual assessment such as the more time intensive WAIS-IV is needed, helping avoid unnecessary participant testing in some cases. The WASI-II can be used as a pre-treatment screen in order to help understand the client.

As a guide, the training covers the following:

▪ Structure, development and content of WASI-II

▪ Administration (including rapport, instructions, observations etc.)

▪ Common errors

▪ Scoring and composite scores

▪ Basic interpretation/reporting

▪ Substituting WASI-II subtests for parallel subtests of the WAIS-IV

The primary aim of the WASI-II workshop is to ensure that delegates feel confident when assessing cognitive ability using the WASI-II. It does not aim to cover broad theories of intelligence.Engaging in the WASI-II workshop can contribute to your continuing professional development (CPD).

Our trainers, including Dr Tully, are very experienced in using the WASI-II as well as other cognitive functioning tools, and are also experienced in training others in the use of this and various other instruments. Workshop participants have included those from schools, high-secure prisons, hospital, probation, mental health, personality disorder, female forensic and research based settings.

Here is a selection of feedback comments made by recent delegates:

“I thought the training was brilliant! Really well organised and well thought out.” Counselling Psychologist

“I found the practical exercises really helpful and they broke up the day.” Psychological Treatment Manager

“The trainers’ knowledge meant that the material was clearly communicated.” Trainee Psychologist

“It was useful and appropriately targeted” Forensic Psychologist in Training

“Very well organised and informative training – thanks!” Assistant Psychologist

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